The Show Really Is In Your Hands...

"A romping, capering, delightful hour of self-aware fun"

- The Boar

Fringe 2019


136 George Street, Charlotte Square

31 Jul - 26 Aug (not 13)

17:15 (1hr)

Following five smash-hit seasons, The Improv Musical troupe will be returning to the Edinburgh Fringe once more for its 6th consecutive run! 

We Are The Improv Musical


Returning to the Fringe Festival for the 6th consecutive year, The Improv Musical is exactly what the title implies: an improvised musical! Performing every night at C Viva mainhouse (Venue 16) on George Street, the show is eclectic and energetic, overflowing with musical madness and hilarity. 

You get to choose all the vital components; the setting, a bizarre combination of characters, and even the title of the show-the punnier the better! No show is ever the same, each night is the opening and closing performance!

Since its creation in 2012, The Improv Musical has garnered a reputation as a vibrant and enthusiastic show, almost surpassing its status as an amateur student production. In addition to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival, they have performed at other notable venues such as Warwick Arts Centre, and at a series of local festivals and showcases. 

Throughout the year, The Improv Musical troupe are based at the University of Warwick, rehearsing and performing alongside their academic studies.

Meet The Team

Grace L


Andrew K


Callum M

Publicity Designer

Matilda M


Rob D

Piano Man


Lighting & Sound

Jo W


Ross H


Jack B

Publicity Designer

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